Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look What Happens When Someone Isn't Taken For His Walk

Aren't I just such a good boy!!!! Ah No!!  I don't think up on the table with all my cards is where he should be.
Look what I found under the table - this one WAS the band around the gift card.
 This WAS the lid to my stampin mist I have been looking  for everywhere .
There is the top and one of the cards we made for out little box in class this week, the other bit of red is what is left of the bottom of the box.  Thank goodness the class was last week and not this week.
Now Winston is a very active 10 month old pup that my two eldest daughters bought for me when they shifted out of home this year (don't worry that I already have a golden retriever and two cats, not too mention the four girls we got in march as well - Boss, Vanilla, Runt and Speckles they are the four chooks. I think they are part of my husband's mid life crisis  (I think he thinks he is farmer Jo with his four chooks and three big vegie patches, he did want a duck as well but I said no to that one - but we do get lots of lovely eggs from the girls)

So never a dull moment in our house!! I will make sure Winston has his walk every day because up to now we haven't had too much destruction from the dog but 2 days without a walk and someone got a little bored I think.


  1. Hahaha too funny, what a naughty puppy!! Love the post Sue XX

  2. Oh my! Lucky Winston is so cute. Thanks for sharing this fun post with us Sue.