Friday, October 1, 2010

Look What Happens To Those That Can't Wait

 I was like a kid in a toy shop yesterday.  I have been seeing so many wonderful little owls popping up everywhere and I had to wait till yesterday to get my owl punch and could I wait - no by 11pm I had made 12 of those fiddly little suckers.  That was okay until I got the idea I would make a spinner card, then it was all downhill from there. This is the finished product this morning, I had given up at 2am and gone to bed.

 Here is attempt one, two, three and four on the floor as I kept mucking up either the ribbon (that is another sad story) the stamping of the woodgrain (6 efforts for that one) or the placing of the spinner (you know that red tape is not very forgiving if you put it in the wrong place 1,2 3...or more times) by this time the darns were coming out a little bit stronger.

I didn't take a picture of the fiasco with the ribbon, SU don't have a Riding Hood Red satin ribbon so at 1.30am I thought no worries I will dye it.  So I hop onto Youtube for some help (there are 5 million ways to change the colour from markers,to spray and even using reinkers) so of course I have gone for the messiest way possible and soaked it and my fingers (who would think of putting rubber gloves on at 1.30 in the morning) with the reinker. 

It didn't look to bad but I had started in the family room, moved to the study and now I was in the kitchen and boy had I made a mess in every room.  If the kids had made the same mess they wouldn't be very popular, but nobody dared say a thing this morning when all the mess was everywhere.

Anyway after War and Peace I did finally get a card made and I do have another 10 little owls and I do have a messy house to clean up and I DO know everything not to do when making a spinner card (lol)


  1. Ha ha!! Sounds like an eventful night Sue! Love the finished product. Cute little bow too for the owl.

  2. OMG - you are so hilarious! I would go nuts at my kids too for that kind of mess! The finally finished card looks fab and well worth the mess.

  3. Brilliant Sue - I can see you fussing around with dyeing ribbon and whatnot in the wee hours .... that is so me .... sometimes you just have to go with the urge don't you. Love the finished result - including the state of your desk ... makes me feel normal LOL