Friday, December 4, 2009

Tutorial for Bonbons

Christmas Bon Bon

1.   Cut DSP 24cm x 19cm

2.   Score along the 24cm length at 3cm, 7.5cm, 16.5cm and 21 cm

3.   Score along the 19cm length at 4.5cm, 9cm, 13.5cm and 18cm.
      Fold along all score lines

4.   On the inside of the bon bon mark with a pencil an X in each box as in the Picture 1 and draw a line  through the centre of each of the diamonds

Picture 1
5.  Using your paper cutter cut along each of the lines drawn in the diamonds as per Picture 2 and 3

Picture 2

Picture 3
6.  With scissors cut out the sections shown as per Picture 4 below

Picture 4

Picture 5   Run your bone folder over each of the lines marked with arrows and fold each of these small sections
7.  Turn bon bon over to the right side. Place red sticky strip on the edge of box to join.

Picture 6

8.  Remove tape and join you now have your bon bon shape

Picture 7

9.  Twist top of box toward the folds and the areas you have used the bone folder on will collapse in very easily

Picture 8

10.  The bon bon end should look like this

Picture 9
11.  Do the same to the other end and your bon bon is finished ready to decorate. Have fun. They really are quick and easy (my third bon bon only took 8 minutes to make)

Picture 10

Fill your bonbons with anything you like (being a bit of a chocoholic mine will all have choccies in it)