Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Bonbons in 8 minutes

This is the first three of 20 Bonbons I have to make I started making the Twist Box style ones that I have seen on a few peoples blogs but they weren't sitting very well for me so I decided to alter the pattern . In my next post I will have a tutorial on how to make these. So far I have only made three and I timed myself on the third one and it only took 8 minutes so I thought these were definitely the go for those presents for teachers or friends. What you put inside them is entirely up to you. I have put lovely Lindt chocolate balls inside mine (being a bit of a choccy lover myself).  Even with the gold twine on them the ends open and close very easily each time.  so with one sheet of DSP paper and about 6 Lindt balls and a little decoration (you can go as blingy as you like) you have a lovely little present.  I have made some lovely cards to go with them - I will share them in a few days time.


  1. These are beautiful Sue - can't wait for the instructions so that I can case them :o)

  2. They look great Sue. 8 minutes is sounding good too!