Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Baby is 21 today

My daughter doesn't like anything flowery so that cut out 90 percent of the stamps I could use, doesn't like anything mushy there goes another 5percent and definitely does not like pink.  So the card ended up being metallic silver and I used the junior alphabet and the simple numbers alpabet and cut them out in black. Everything was covered in Crystal effects, the No 2 had to be done 3 times because the first one the cat jumped on the table and that was the end of that one.  The second one I was looking for something 4 hours after I had remade it and knocked a piece of paper onto it and that was the end of the second one, boy does that stuff take a long time to dry.

Ever since she was at kinder she has complained about her name - Jacqueline, she has continually said there is no-one (not ONE) she emphasises that has 10 letters in their name in her class.  The kinder teachers used to put Jack on her paintings until she could write her own name (I wasn't too happy about that abbreviation). So needless to say I didn't put her name on the card - I dont think they make envelopes that long. Her name does get shortened sometimes by her sisters they call her Jac (at least they don't put the k on the end) but  her mum and dad don't tend to abbreviate her name.  So I thought to retain my sanity I wouldn't try to fit Jacqueline on the card and Crystal effect it as well.

Anyway I hope my baby has a wonderful 21st.


  1. Happy birthday - your daughter has the same name as my Mum, and it's spelt the same way too :) Love your card and I really loved spending the day with you yesterday ... thanks for my swap. thought I'd leave a comment as you don't think I visit ... but I do :)

  2. It's the day for birthdays! Lovely card, and the crystal effects adds a bit of a girlie touch at least :o)

    Happy 'birth' day to you too Sue!

  3. Best wishes to your daughter for her birthday and love the card. That crystal effects does take AGES to dry doesn't it! I'm too impatient - always end up with fingerprints on it!

  4. Happy Birthday to Jacqueline! And a fantastic card Sue!