Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gift Card Tutorial

Here is the gift card tutorial for the gift card holder - the measurements are for this gift card.  They can be altered to whatever size your card is and made into a handbag and left open with ribbon as the handles or closed with brads as in this example. (You just need to add the three score lines 1 cm apart on three sides of the pouch onto the finished size of your pouch)
Cut DSP for pocket 17cm x 10cm.
Score along the 17cm side at 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 14cm, 15cm and 16 cm.
Score along the 10 cm side at 7cm, 8cm and 9cm

 Fold the sides as in the picture below to form valley and mountains
 Unfold and fold the bottom in the same way as for the sides
 The next step is to cut on the 3cm and 14cm score lines up to the 7cm score line as shown by the black lines in the pictures below. Cut out the 2 bottom square and in 3cm from both sides at the 7cm line

Place tape on the tabs as shown in the picture.
 Fold the tabs in and remove tape and stick together as shown in the picture
 Press the middle fold in on both sides and on the bottom
 Tape the side fold down and tape at the bottom.
For the Pouch Flap
Measure a piece of  real red cardstock 11cm x 6cm, on the 6cm side score at 3cm round the courners. Cut a piece of pacific point cardstock 10.5cm x 2.5cm, place a brad in the middle of this and then attach to the front.  Attach the flap to the front of your card, then tape the pocket you have made ontothe card, placing a  smaller brad in the middle to attach your twine to, this keeps the flap closed. Note there is no back to the pocket as the card forms the back

Hope you have fun making these gift holder bags and thanks for visiting my blog


  1. God love you Sue, you are a gem! Guess what I'll be doing later today when my gardening chores are done :o)

    I'll link back to show you...thanks so so much for sharing.

  2. What a good teacher you are!!