Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Decorations continued

I thought that by the time your children grow up (my youngest is 20) the fascination with the Christmas Tree would wear off but no bright and early on December 1 there were my two youngest decorating the Christmas tree.  Over the years we have gone through  many crafts and nearly every decoration on the tree is now handmade (and lots of them by the kids themselves) We made many, many balls with sequins and pins, bells with folded edges, material balls and even smocked balls (there were no volunteers from the children to make those). Very few get thrown out and if you look closely you will see many are missing some bits and pieces, but I think that makes them all the more loved. This year we have been making the 3D stars and little Christmas trees( from SU - DSP) which you will see further on in this post.  I will have to stop taking up new hobbies as there is no more room on our tree.

Lots of these lovely 3D stars are appearing as Christmas decorations I got the pattern for mine from Lynn Pratt's blog (thanks Lynn the instructions were very easy to follow), for our tree we made them a bit smaller than the pattern suggested. Our first attempt the red one we stuck with normal tape and it didn't hold for very long as you can see in the picture if you look closely. So we went back and restuck them with glue dots which worked much better.

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