Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Think I Have Pink Out of My System Now

This is the last of the pink cards I made and have definitely got over my pink phase now(although I do love the vase and even the lovely shiny flowers have shown up in this photo - maybe my photography is improving). I didn't mean to make this card I went into my craft room to clean it up (actually its the dining room that I have taken over - when you have 4 kids and all their animals living at home there isn't much spare space). As you can see I am a very messy worker but I got sidetracked and had this idea to put the flowers in a vase hence the card above.
I did continue to clean up after though and you can even see the desk (converted trestle table) aftera bit of a clean up. You can also see the fabulous container my father in law (who is 86) made for me. It fits my ink pad, re-inkers and wheels as well as a shelf for glues etc on top. There is still a little bit of mess on the floor to tackle (I should have cropped the photo a little better and you would never have known)

Continuing the tour around the converted dining room you can see we have put a set of shelves in which my daughter has labelled with the dymo(I think she has dymo nearly everything in the room) and all my stampin up stamp sets are in an office works CD storage unit bolted down sideways (its not perfect but it does the job) and once again my trusty assistant has labelled them all and put them in alphabetical order.
My husband has helped too he has but a ribbon storage thingy (I don't really know what its proper name is) which we have attached to the other table which my father in law made for me back in my quilting days (not a quilt has been made unfortunately since the card bug has bitten).

So the room is almost tidy and a card was made as well so everyone was happy - how long it stays tidy for I don't know!!!

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  1. Wow Sue your room is looking great there. I so want to turn around and see 'neat' not 'bombsite'. Might have to try that here too. You've got some super storage!