Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Quick Follow Up On Technical Difficulties

All the expert photographers in this household have been putting in their five cents worth regarding my not quite up to scratch photography skills (okay if I am really honest poor photography skills). They felt the floral white background was not quite right, so I changed it for a white towel and Franklin as usual had to come and help as well. (his name came about when all the Franklin stores were around and they carried the No Name brand and since we couldn't think of a name we called him Franklin (no name) most people think he was named after Franklin Roosevelt but he is not that grand)

Not that you can see much of the white towel because he is such a fatso!! The girls rescued him from the Lost Dogs home - they went in to get the rabbit looked at (that is a whole new story as to why we had the rabbits) and saw this tiny lovable little kitten and just had to bring him home. It turned out he was just very sick and after at least 5 trips back to get him better, his true colours have emerged. He terrorizes the whole neighbourhood, even our golden retriever Molly runs away from Franklin when he is in one of his moods and he thinks he is the king of the household. (when he is a good boy which is not very often he really is a lovely cat).

Anyway getting back to the photography part I took my card below on the white towel after turfing Franklin off again - I really don't know that the white towel makes any difference, maybe a new camera and some photography lessons might be the go!!!

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